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Horizont Ltd. Zavidovici is exporter of semi-finished and finished wood products from Bosnia and Herzegovina to the markets of Europe, Asia and Africa.

Ever since its very beginnings, the Company has been determined to provide its clients with highest quality wood products, meeting all the international standards along the way. We have a highly developed network of reliable providers, along with the necessary logistics to expedite the process.
Our business model ensures that each individual shipment meets our clients’ demands completely with regards to quality and deadlines set forth, which are the foundation of our business policies.

The wood products are procured from established Bosnian companies with vast experience, their production processes and qualified staff guaranteeing the desired quality within the deadlines set forth. This enables us to offer a wide spectrum of high quality semi-finished and finished products from all types of wood available in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
We have developed a trustworthy business relationship with all our procurers and clients, which is based on mutual trust, honesty and business acumen, by which margin for error and misunderstanding is minimalized.
Our intention is to preserve and further elevate these characteristics in the future.
For these reasons we are confident and able to procure and deliver to our clients a product which will meet their demands and expectations in full.
We have FSC® certificate and we are part of a chain of sustainable forest management and wood processing, which guarantees our potential customers that we are a socially and environmentally responsible company.

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